Aomori Shimin Library Guide English

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Closed on the second Wednesday of each month.
Closed for twelve days from the end of September to mid-October for inventory and maintenace.
Closed for six days during the New period: December 29 - January 3
Mailing address: 030-0801 Shinmachi 1-chome 3-7 (in the AUGA building)
TEL: 017-776-2455 FAX: 017-776-2400

Making Your Aomori Shimin Library Card

• A library card is necessary in order to borrow CDs, videos, DVDs, and other materials.

• What you need to make your library card:

1 If you are a resident of Aomori, including the areas of Hiranai, Imabetsu, Sotogahama, or Yomogita, you need an ID (driver's license or health insurance card).
2 If you work or go to school in Aomori City, you need and ID (driver's license or health insurance card) and documentation that proves your workplace or school is in Aomori.

• The library card has to be renewed every three years.

• In case you lose the card, or to make any alterations of the personal information on the card, please notify us at the information desk promptly.

Borrowing Materials: Quantity and Time Limits

Aomori Shimin Library
• Books and magazines .... up to 10 items, for 15 days
• CDs, videos and DVDs .... up to 3 items, for 8 days

Aomori Shimin Library Branches
• Books .... up to 10 items, for 15 days

Mobile Library
• Books .... up to 5 items, until the next return of the library van

* Some materials can be accessed on-site but are not to be taken out.
* If you are borrowing from more than one location, the maximum number of items is 10.

Borrowing and Extending

• Bring the book you want to borrow to the counter along with your library card.

• You can request an extension of the return date for books or magazines only once.

• The return date of CDs, videos, and DVDs is not to be extended.

• Extension can be arranged on our website or by using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue), or by telephone.

Returning Materials

• Return your materials at the counter. Your library card is not necessary for return.

• Borrowed materials can be returned at a library branch or at the mobile library.

• There are three book drops in Aomori City.

1 AUGA City Hall, Shinmachi Street, main entrance (24 hrs.)
2 Main City Hall, entrance lobby (5:45 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.)
3 Namioka Station, main entrance (24 hrs.)

• CDs, DVDs, books with CDs, or anything oversized or fragile should not be returned at these return drops.

Reserving Materials

Books .... up to 3
Magazines .... only 1
DVDs, videos, CDs .... only 1

•You can reserve up to a certain number of items. The arrangement can be made on our website, OPAC, at library branches, or by phone. Reserved CDs, videos, and DVDs are to be picked up only at the Shimin Library. Books and magazines can be picked up at other locations by arrangement.

Requesting Materials

• You can request one book but no other materials. Please follow the procedure at the front desk. In the case that another library has the book you request, we might transfer it to the Shimin Library for you to pick up.

Reference Service

• Use OPAC or check our website.

• If you need assistance looking for materials, feel free to ask at the counter.

DVDs and CDs

Please bring your selected CD or DVD to the counter on the 6th floor, along with your library card. We have a separate counter for kids' materials.


Please come to the counter on the 7th or the 8th floor to make photocopies.

Black and white, all sizes (color copies not available).... ¥10 each
Microfilms .... ¥30 each

* We do not have a self-service copy machine hereeach ¥30 each

CD-ROMs and The Open University of Japan Course Videos

CD-ROMs for the Toonippo Newspaper and The Open University of Japan course videos are available. The university course videos are to be lent only to enrolled students.

Library Branches and the Mobile Library "Hamanasu"
There are twelve library branches in the following locations.

• Aburakawa Shimin Center (197-1, Hajiro Ikegami)
· Arakawa Shimin Center (129-1, Arakawa Shibata)
· Ono Shimin Center (71, Ono Wakamiya)
· Okidate Shimin Center (1-1-11, Okidate)
· Seibu Shimin Center (163-22, Shinjo, Hiraoka)
· Chuo Shimin Center (1-6-15, Matsubara)
· Tobu Shimin Center (3-8-1, Harabetsu)
· Toyama Shimin Center (4-1-4, Hotaruzawa)
· Furukawa Shimin Center (3-7-14, Furukawa)
· Yokouchi Shimin Center (28-1, Yokouchi Kamei)
· Hokubuchiku Noson Kankyo Kaizen Center (41-3, Okuni Miyata)
· Namioka Chuo Kominkan (101-1, Namoioka Inamura)

These library branches are closed on the third Sunday of each month and for the New Year period. There are also some irregular closing days.

• Our mobile library Hamanasu goes to 53 different locations in the city.
(Visit the Shimin Library website for detailed information, including locations and dates.)

•You can get a library card, borrow and return books, and reserve and request materials at these branches, as well as at the mobile library.

For Handicapped Users

• We have elevators and a universal restroom. Wheelchairs and walking canes are available for use.

• Braille materials and recorded materials are available, as well as other equipment.

• We can mail books to your home address if access to the library is not easy.

• We have special arrangements for visually challenged users. We can read written materials for you. Ask us for further information.


• Plase do not eat or drink in our facilities. Take care not to disturb others.

• Please do not take anything from the library without permission.

• On occasion, the exit gate may beep mistakenly when you go through.

• Please handle all materials with care. Damage may result in a fine to cover costs.

• Please do not lend our materials to others.

• Please do not be late returning the materials. Multiple late returns may result in discontinued service.

Coin Lockers

There are coin lockers on the 7th and 8th floors (one-day use only).

The 100-yen coin will be refunded.

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